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Dee Guerrero, Ford’s multicultural marketing manager, brought about a cultural immersion while introducing the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick truck during Ford’s ComplexCon debut this month in Long Beach, CA. David “Big Sleeps” Cavazos, one of Los Angeles’ most iconic street artists and sought after tattooers, partnered with Ford to bring his signature style of indecipherable, hand painted, hieroglyphics to life on the Maverick. “We wanted to create it as art itself,” Guerrero said when asked how they selected Big Sleeps as their artist. “We scoured and looked for an artist that could bring this to life. We found Big Sleeps in the LA area. He’s in the national museum in LA in Getty, and we said we would love to partner to make it different, ‘but make it you,’ ”

During the conference, Ford also presented “Complex Connects,” a series of conversations with influential leaders in music, fashion, sports and more. Eventgoers received a first look and the opportunity to win an all new 2022 Ford Maverick, a new kind of pickup truck for the makers and doers that’s packed with clever technology.

Rolling out’s CEO Munson Steed took the opportunity to sit inside the hybrid vehicle to discuss its details with Guerrero.

What is it like to be a maverick?

We’re looking at what do we do next that will be totally different for the brand, but also on brand with where we want to go with experiences. How do we elevate experiences and our products to be more personalized? It’s not following a group and it’s not doing what you feel everyone else will approve of.  It’s being yourself, believing in yourself, and doing the things that make you happy. A maverick is someone who is a maker, a doer, and is someone that is defying expectations on their own. It is someone who takes action for what they’re passionate about.

Describe the Ford Maverick class.

It is a small pickup truck in its own segment and Ford is the first with a truck of this size. It’s smaller than a Ranger and is built Ford tough. It’s a part of the truck family as the newest member. To be the first in this segment, to create something we know the people want, is exciting. It’s something new for us and new in the industry. It’s exciting and gives a sense of pride. There is no compromising with the Maverick.

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