Michael Che and Kenan Thompson (Image source: YouTube/SNL)

Ice Cube created national headlines when he dropped the bag after backing out of the upcoming comedy Oh Hell No due to his aversion to taking the vaccine.

“Saturday Night Live’s” Michael Che and Kenan Thompson toyed with Cube as Thompson impersonated the rapper who is excited after his decision to relinquish millions of dollars.

Thompson, who said he was going through “a gangster lumberjack phase,” answered Che’s question of why he walked off the set as the hypothetical scene plays out. 

“Hey look, man. I’d just rather be myself than take that vaccine, like you other three billion bozos,” said Thompson. 

“Yeah, but that’s why you lost this movie,” Che observed.

“Not my loss, your loss,” Thompson retorted. “Oh Hell No was going to feature the greatest comedy duo of all time: Ice Cube, Jack Black. The comedy chemistry, man. You know what I’m saying? Try to guess my catchphrase though.”

“Oh Hell no?” Che guessed.

“That’s actually correct,” said Ice Cube. “But because of this crazy vaccine mandate, y’all ain’t never going to get to hear it.”

The real Ice Cube is among a handful of marquee creatives and athletes who are adamantly opposed to getting immunized against the novel coronavirus. This decision has cost the Friday and Barbershop franchise creator a reported $9 million. Thompson’s Ice Cube character lamented the fact that his other projects will no longer go down due to the studios’ vaccine mandate.

“The point is, this mandate is costing the world my art. I had a bunch of other projects packed in the pipe. Check it out, bozo,” Thompson joked. “If you like Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, you would’ve loved the sequel, Barbershop 4: Just A Little Off the Sides. But now we can’t make it.”












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