Rapper DaBaby called the police on former girlfriend DaniLeigh after the two had an argument at his home, and then he proceeded to promote his tour on Instagram.

The easily combustible DaBaby, 29, fired up his Instagram Story platform to record a bitter dispute between the former lovers at his apartment on Sunday night, Nov. 14, 2021. Both volleyed insults at the other on the video, with the DaniLeigh claiming that DaBaby has hardly been around since their daughter was born. DaniLeigh further claimed he just wanted her around for sexual pleasure and then tried to throw her out.

After going back and forth for a while, DaBaby called authorities to make DaniLeigh leave, but no one was apprehended.

“I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing I just want her peacefully removed, which they need to hurry up [and] do as we speak,” DaBaby said. “I ain’t even want that behavior on display but it’s OK, man, this too shall pass, it’s all good.”

DaniLeigh, on the other hand, stormed onto her own IG platform to say that DaBaby wanted to just use her for pleasure and then wanted her to disappear.

“All he wanna do is cum in me with no responsibility,” DaniLeigh barked on her IG Story. “Obviously he prob want me out so he can f— on his baby mama and other h— who been knowing we’ve been together this whole time while I just had my first child. This all goes to saying this man is a f—–g coward.”

The former couple continued their accusations into Monday morning on their individual IG stories. Meanwhile, DaBaby hyped his upcoming tour that is being promoted by Rolling Loud.




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