Eddie Murphy (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Eddie Murphy remains box office gold among Hollywood honchos and fans alike.

By the numbers, Murphy remains one of the greatest box office performers in the history of American motion pictures. And the father of 10 pulled off another big money-making movie with Coming 2 America, the sequel to the all-time great romantic comedy.

According to Amazon’s internal metrics, Coming 2 America was “the #1 streamed movie of the weekend, with the #1 opening weekend of any other streaming movie in 2021 to date,” despite being measured unfavorably against the towering 1987 original. 

Based on those receipts alone, Murphy has secured a three-picture deal with Amazon Studios.

“Eddie is a legend both in front of and behind the camera,” Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios said in a press release to media outlets. “With undeniable comedic and dramatic genius, he consistently delivers entertaining, original stories and characters to audiences around the world. We could not be more excited to help carry on the tradition and to officially welcome Eddie into the Amazon family.”

In fact, there are several studios coveting Murphy’s movie magic. Murphy’s new deal happened while he is getting busy with Netflix. The actor recently signed on to a new comedy with actor Jonah Hill who co-wrote Coming 2 America with writer Kenya Barris.

Moreover, Murphy is going to star in the fourth edition of his biggest single movie, Beverly Cops Hill 4, which will also debut on Netflix.

As he approaches the 40th anniversary of his debut film, another classic called 48 HRS, Murphy is showing that he is still that dude.


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