Jada Pinkett (Photo credit: Bang media)

Rapper 50 Cent is getting flamed for questioning the decision of actress Jada Pinkett Smith to air her sexual foibles with husband and A-list actor Will Smith.

After becoming Hollywood heavyweights through box office blockbusters like Men in Black and The Matrix franchise, the Will and Pinkett Smith marriage has become internet fodder in recent years. The discussion around their relationship ratcheted up another notch when the wife broached the topic of their sex life on “Red Table Talk.”

Speaking with Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 48, Pinkett Smith admitted that it’s sometimes difficult to discuss sex with her Academy Award-winning husband.

“It’s hard,” Pinkett Smith, 50, shared with Paltrow on the Emmy Award-winning Facebook Watch show. “I mean, the thing Will and I talk about a lot is the journey. We started in this at a very young age, you know, 22 years old. That’s why the accountability part really hit for me, because I think you expect your partner to know [your needs], especially when it comes to sex. It’s like, ‘Well, if you love me, you should know. If you love me, you should read my mind.’ That’s a huge pitfall.”

Fifty is flummoxed as to why Pinkett Smith continues to publicly discuss her marriage and sex life with her 53-year-old superstar spouse, especially in light of the infamous “entanglement” that he admitted to having with singer August Alsina back in 2015. The producer of the culture-shifting cable shows, “Power” and “BMF,” asked this question for his 27 million Instagram fans:

“Why she keep doing s— like this? it makes the relationship appear weak. First, entanglement now this, come on!”

Pinkett Smith learned of Fifty’s quizzical question and others who are bewildered by the Set it Off actress’ imprudent transparency.

Flip the page to see Pinkett Smith’s response to misleading headlines as their fanbases weigh in.


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