The group behind The Gathering Spot coming to Detroit: Will Smith, Ryan Wilson, Big Sean, Shawn H. Wilson, and Phillip Cooley. Photo credit: BGCSM ( )

For The Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan (BGCSM), hosting an event like DON (Detroit’s On Now) weekend, that celebrates the youth in Detroit and contributes to their continued development, is a vision come to life. It also exemplifies the kind of innovative mindset that draws people like Ryan Wilson, CEO of Atlanta’s The Gathering Spot, to the city.

At the age of 24, the Atlanta native made the jump from his corporate path to become an entrepreneur. He conceptualized and opened The Gathering Spot, a culture-rooted group of professional clubs, with locations across the United States. Each club features co-working space, event space, a restaurant, etc., and brings together a diverse collection of entrepreneurs, creatives, executives and business professionals.

At the DON reception on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2021, Wilson proudly announced that his group will “sooner rather than later” be opening a Gathering Spot in Detroit. “The city is up there, in terms of having a spirit of folks who understand that sometimes you gotta be the one to go get it done,” Wilson told rolling out about the entrepreneurial spirit in Detroit.

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