Troll Erykah Badu at your own risk. The songstress is comprised of equal parts queen and bare-knuckle gangsta.

The latter personality leapt out of her when a wayward fan boldly criticized the “Next Lifetime” singer after she gave blessings to both the impacted souls from Astroworld as well as Travis Scott.

While some fans understood where Badu’s heart was, others vehemently disapproved of Badu’s tweet and sent her insulting messages.

User @saviorisntme definitely triggered Badu because the normally eloquent and philosophical Badu bared her fangs at the critic.

“F— you h–,” Badu barked.

Not long afterwards, Badu issued a warning to her detractors to contemplate their words before coming at her twisted. The “Tyrone” singer reposted a tweet she sent out several years ago as a reminder to fans on how to comport themselves in her presence.

Some fans took to Twitter to opine about the timing and appropriateness of Badu’s words.



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