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After the first part of Ye’s explosive “Drink Champs” interview dropped last week — garnering nearly eight million views and counting on YouTube — the highly anticipated part two has been released.

In the second part of the interview that aired on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021, Ye opens up about his mental health and his 2008 run-in with the paparazzi that led to his bipolar diagnosis.

“When I slammed the paparazzi that day, they made me go to anger management,” Ye told the “Drink Champs” hosts before reflecting on the events that followed with his then-girlfriend Amber Rose.

“I’m sitting there with Amber Rose at the anger management situation and the anger management coach just keeps on hitting on Amber and then giving me some medication. That was the beginning of my medication. That was the snowball into eventually ending up being diagnosed as bipolar.”

During the interview, Ye also said that he believes we are all “on the spectrum” somehow, but only a handful of us have been diagnosed and prescribed medication.

He denounced how people use the term “crazy,” to dismiss those with mental illnesses.

“Y’all not gonna diminish what I’m doing and what God is doing with me in the future by trying to cut my legs off or cut my influence off by calling me crazy.

“They’ll be like, ‘You need your meds. You’re not in your best mental state right now.’ No, I know what’s going on and I’m not having it,” he said.

Watch the Drink Champs interview here


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