NAACP Image® Award winner David Mann and his wife of 33 years, Tamela Mann — an accomplished actress, songwriter, producer and businesswoman — are returning not only to TV screens with the mid-season premiere of season two of “Assisted Living” but to streaming platforms with her new album, Overcomer.

They joined rolling out to discuss “Assisted Living,” and what to expect this season, as well as Tamela’s new album, Overcomer, and the trials that forged it.

What’s happening on “Assisted Living” this season?
David Mann: We introduce new characters this season, which really takes the show up 10 notches. We address some issues that have to do with our senior citizens, civil unrest, and senior love.
Tamela Mann: It’s funny because my first job was actually being a nurse’s aide in a nursing home. So to be able to play this part, it comes to life, how a lot of times, a lot of seniors do get forgotten about and that people don’t go see them. [And] we even deal with the young people that we have, and what they go through.

Let’s talk about life on the set in the middle of a pandemic; what was that like?
DM: Set life this particular season, we were in the bubble, so it was a little different. You’re not able to come and go from the studio so once you were in the studio you were there, but Tyler Perry Studios provided everything we needed.

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