Rapper Lil Nas X (Photo credit: Bang Media)

A man who claimed to be the uncle of Lil Nas X aggressively confronted Boosie Badazz at a store recently and the post up nearly turned violent.

In a video that has gone viral, a man dressed in a purple jacket and stunner shades, aggressively walked up to Boosie and let him know that Nas X was his “niece,” and informed the Baton Rouge rapper that he’d get violent because of the comments made against Nas X.

Boosie, who was initially confused by the man’s aggressiveness, then went off on the man.

In Boosie’s response to this Nas X fan, Boosie angrily told him to get away. He also called this man a homophobic slur as well, which was being labeled as a “f—–t ass b—.”

“Whatever the f— you is, you better get the f— [out of here].” F— you, b—-, f—- a– b—-!”


When Boosie began yelling that slur, a woman who was in his circle, began telling him to “come on,” and leave that confrontation. At the same time, the Nas X fan continued to stand his ground.

This comes after Boosie stated on his Instagram page that he does not hate Boosie, but that he has the right to check folks when they are out of line.

The acrimony between the two rappers has spilled over into their respective camps, with Lil Nas X’s father and brother taking shots at Boosie for his alleged homophobia and animosity towards the openly gay Nas X.



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