Tenille Jackson (Photo by The Media MD)

Tenille Jackson is the owner and chief digital strategist of Digital Vision Enteprises LLC, a boutique marketing agency. Jackson specializes in digital marketing campaigns, online community building, and social amplification for long-term results. She’s the founder of an interactive online community of moms called The Chicagoland Mom Squad. Jackson also enjoys cultivating talent for the food and beverage industry as a consultant for Rome’s Joy Companies. Rolling out spoke with Jackson about her everyday life as a marketing entrepreneur.

What is your daily routine as an entrepreneur?

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve learned that everything can not and will not get done in a day. I have a weekly routine that includes completing all of the necessary tasks required to run my boutique marketing business. At this phase in my career, most of my clients have been working with my agency for over five years so we have all found a complementary rhythm that maximizes my time and contributions to their bottom line. I plan out my work goals, projects, and money I need to make by the quarter.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?

I’m an entrepreneur, if I don’t work I definitely can not eat. I am inspired to keep up my current work lifestyle so that I can be an active part of my daughter’s life every day. I enjoy the ability to drop off and pick up my daughter from school most days of the week. I’m also committed to building a business that keeps a portfolio of clients I actually enjoy working with, so showing up to work every day never seems like a chore.

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