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Educator, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D., shares multiple gems with rolling out in preparation for RIDE Con 2021.

What are the critical factors that entrepreneurs need today?

Going back to the interview that I had years ago with Daymond John of Shark Tank, there’s only two factors that you really need to navigate your business. Number one is innovation. Number two is creativity. I asked him to expound upon that and he said “creativity is the ability to come up with an idea.” The average individual in society gets four ideas a year, anyone. If they had the guts, the courage and fortitude to chase the dream will make them financially independent. You need innovation, which is the ability to execute the idea.

Do people really need a business plan in this digital age?

In today’s digital economy, e-commerce economy, innovative economy, paradigm-shifting economy, you don’t need a business plan. As a matter of fact, almost half of the businesses that we see today are launched without a business plan. So, what is the critical difference? If I had $1, and you had $1, and we put our money together, that constitutes $2. But if I have a dream, and you have a dream, and we put our ideas together, we can literally change the world. So in today’s digital economy, we need ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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