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Will Smith was shocked to see his daughter Willow with a shaved head.

The King Richard star, 53 — who has Willow, 21, as well as Jaden, 23, with wife Jada Pinkett Smith, 50, — admitted his jaw “nearly dislocated” when he saw Willow, who at the time was promoting her song “Whip My Hair,” had gone “totally bald.”

In his new memoir Will, he wrote: “Willow came skipping into the kitchen for breakfast. ‘Good morning, daddy,’ she said joyfully, as she bounced to the refrigerator.

“My jaw nearly dislocated, dislodged, and shattered on the kitchen floor: My world-dominating, hair-whipping, future global superstar was totally bald.”

The now-21-year-old was 9 at the time and was midway through her run as an opening act for Justin Bieber’s world tour.

Will said: “My mind raced and scrambled — how was she going to whip her hair if she didn’t have any? Who the hell wants to pay to watch some kid whip their head back and forth?”

“But before I could respond, I felt something slowly turning, shifting, until it clicked into place: In a moment of divine connection and revelation, she had reached me. I leaned down, peered deeply into her eyes, and said, ‘I got it. I am sorry. I see you.’ ”

Willow has gone on to shave her head several times since the “Whip My Hair” years, and it seems to have grown on her dad in recent times.

Tiffany Haddish recently asked Jada: “What did Will say when you cut your hair off? How did he respond?”

Jada answered: “He loves it!”


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