Ice Cube (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Ice Cube has never been one to floss and brag about his money, but it’s clear his paper is impacted based on his latest business decision. The Friday star just missed out on a $9 million payday because he refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Ice Cube was slated to star alongside Jack Black in the upcoming Sony comedy Oh Hell No, but declined a request from producers to get vaccinated, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Oh Hell No was scheduled to begin shooting this winter in Hawaii with Kitao Sakurai, the filmmaker who directed Netflix’s hit comedy Bad Trip with Tiffany Haddish, Eric Andre and Lil Rel Howery. A replacement for Ice Cube has not been announced yet.

The NWA alumnus previously promoted mask-wearing and donated 2,000 face masks to Bacone College in Oklahoma in August. He also partnered with manufacturer Black Out to sell “Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” branded t-shirts which were also based on one of his hit records. The t-shirts featured the actor and rapper wearing a facemask on the shirt and proceeds were donated to frontline health workers. There were no comments on why Ice Cube refused to get vaccinated.

Keke Palmer dished on how Ice Cube once gave her some fatherly advice. Palmer appeared on “Celebrity Game Face” and posed the trivia question to her competitors: “The first person to warn me about boys was a member of: A) my family, B) my church or C) N.W.A.?”

After revealing her answer, she explained the scenario.

“When I was, I think 12 years old, I did the Long Shots movie with Ice Cube. When I was on the set, I grew up in the industry, but I was starting to get older at this point. I was starting to get together. Ice Cube, he pulled me to the side. He was like, ‘Keke, I know you’re growing up, and I just want you to understand the way these men are seeing you isn’t always how you see yourself.’ And that was Ice Cube. Isn’t he the best?” Palmer explained.

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