Dave Chappelle. (Photo source: Twitter – @davechappelle)

Superstar comedian Dave Chappelle is open to having a sitdown discussion with Netflix employees who believe he has harmed them with his latest Netflix special, “The Closer.”

One of Chappelle’s representatives confirmed to TMZ that Chappelle will be more than willing to meet with members of the LBGTQ who are employed at Netflix.

So far, no one has reached out to Chappelle to make the meeting come to fruition, contrary to what was claimed at the Netflix employee walkout and rally in Los Angeles.

Activist Ashlee Marie Preston told folks at the rally on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, at the Netflix headquarters that she invited Chappelle to come to the table, but that “Dave chose not to show up.”

The unnamed rep also reminded the media outlet that Chappelle has long been open to dialogue with any group as he explained on the controversial special that led to the employee walkout.

The protest rally was partially spurred by Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, who initially defended the streaming giant’s decision to not only air the special but to refuse to take it down from the platform. The backlash forced Sarandos to backpedal and admit to the employees and media that he did not handle the situation as delicately as he should have.


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