biggest fear as a dad

Nick Cannon (Photo credit: Bang Media)

In recent months, Nick Cannon has received a lot of attention regarding being a father. This is often because he’s adding another baby mama to his roster — or hinting at it — but this time the attention comes because he’s sharing his biggest fear as a dad.

Cannon joined “Entertainment Tonight” on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021, and revealed that his biggest fear as a dad is whether he’s “giving too much energy elsewhere” instead of to his children.

He highlighted that the biggest motivation for taking his vow of celibacy — which he notes he’s doing well at maintaining — was to cut out unnecessary distractions to focus more on his children.

“When I can kind of cut out a certain aspect of my lifestyle and focus on children and work it makes it a lot easier,” Cannon told “Entertainment Tonight.”

The comedian and actor went on to say that he isn’t opposed to having more children.

“I’m not mad at kids,” Cannon said. “This is always a difficult question … and this is probably the issue of like when you’re in an unorthodox situation. Unlike being in a marriage where it’s really controlled and you can really understand like, ‘All right, we got about this amount of time and we gonna have kids up to this point.’ So you can kinda monitor it.”

He added that it’s harder to gauge what the future holds when you’re single, but he isn’t taking the possibility of marriage and more babies off the table.

“I don’t know what life brings so for me to be like, ‘No I’m done!’ And then, you know, I’m walking down the aisle in 2025. You never know,” he explained.


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