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This is Black Business Month and the onus is on all of us to create an environment that recognizes and supports the development of a Black business community that has never been seen before in this country. We must also illustrate examples of those individuals who are creating such an example through their companies.

For the next 31 days, we will highlight individuals, associations, businesses and institutions creating the very fabric that will make Black Wall Street a national thought.

These thoughts, ideas and actions will showcase the directories and information that is necessary for our community to move forward.

I will highlight and give keen insight from entrepreneurs that deserve your respect, such as Pinky Slutty Vegan and the Bronner Brothers. This platform will highlight individuals who have been in the aisles for generations because they simply deserve the support.

The ever-expanding Gathering Spot in Atlanta and Washington DC is an example of a Black cooperative that is empowering the Black economy and its consciousness.

The role of Black educational institutions and groups like the Black MBA play roles in how our community will be trained to take on leadership roles in Black businesses.

Salute to the hustlers who demand respect for the products and services that have had great impact on us socially and equally important, at the bank. Bravo!

We will also highlight those corporations that are truly removing the barriers to make doing business with them a protocol. We want to recognize them for not implementing diversity and inclusion departments that are powerless and have no budget or direct ability to empower the development of business relationships within their corporations.

Additionally we will highlight those executives in position to give and support Black business development.

We will highlight those banking in financial institutions, community development corporations and nonprofits who focus on the development of Black business.

We hope that you will join and create an association. Join your local Black business chamber in your city. Join a Black media partnership with your business. Go to and independent Black authors.

These are the moments. These will be the challenges, but each and every day we will continue to highlight Black businesses for 31 days. Our hope is that every time you learn more about a Black business you knew nothing about, you will share your experience.

Share the phenomenon of us recycling our dollars and resurrecting the spirit of independence. Just think, we owned the entire baseball team when Black baseball was alive. What can we do if we put our minds to it today? Our next generation should inherit wealth and intelligence and business enterprise skillsets from all of us.


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