Instagram down

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If you’re an entrepreneur, this week’s Instagram outage might have been a huge setback for you — especially if it was the day you decided to launch a new product or service and a majority of your audience uses that platform. The social media platform was down nearly an entire day, which means many businesses were unable to communicate with their clientele if they didn’t have other measures in place.

If the outage taught you nothing else about how you run your company, it should’ve taught you to never rely on one way to communicate with your customers. And, even if Instagram never has an outage again, your business needs to be accessible outside of a single social platform.

With that in mind, try these three tips to make sure your business stays up and running even if all of Instagram and Facebook go down (which they probably will again eventually).

Create a landing page or website

If you haven’t yet created a landing page or website for your brand or business, this is a crucial first step in communicating with your intended audience. As you don’t own anything you share on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, your website is something you will own and have all the rights to. It can host all your contact information so potential customers can easily reach out to you. Creating a website will also help build credibility for your business. It’s easier than ever to create a professional and attractive website with companies like Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

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