Michael B. Jordan‘s “skin is thriving” after getting skin care advice from Lori Harvey.

The 24-year-old model inspired her beau to start his own skin care regimen, and he’s been glowing ever since.

“He just loves having a [skin care] routine now,” Lori told Access Daily. “Seeing him just like wipe his face with a wet rag in the morning … I was like, wait! I need to moisturize you. So he loves just having like a regimen now. His skin is thriving now.”

The daughter of actor Steve Harvey, 64, previously revealed that she tests out all of her beauty products on the 34-year-old movie star, and even got her famous father into skincare.

She said: “I tested all my products, of course, on myself, but I also tested them on my boyfriend. I’ve pretty much gotten all of the men in my life on a skin care regimen, my dad included … so if you’re wondering why his skin looks so good lately, it’s because of me.”

Harvey got schooled on skin care later in life, after using products that irritated her skin and caused acne when she was younger.

She told hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover: “As I got older, you know, I was experimenting with skin care. [I] didn’t really have a lot of knowledge about it, and I was actually using products that were making my skin worse, which led to acne and just like really bad scarring, skin irritation, so as I got older, [I] started educating myself about skin care.”


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